THE LEAD | Women's Workshops

Hosted by Alpine Ridge Equestrian in Arlington, WA

Mini Session
Breathe. Play. Explore.

We all know the importance of taking a mental break from our daily routines. A change of scenery and a new experience can be a healthy way to release stress and gain a fresh perspective.

  • Learn how horses "speak" using body language.

  • Experience an authentic connection with a horse.

  • Engage in hands-on-learning.

  • Build confidence by trying something new.

  • Identify the necessities to building a relationship.

Mini Session Includes:

  • 90 Minutes Class with Equine Life Coach

  • One Curriculum Program ($98 Value)

  • Welcome Gift Bag ($27 Value)


Total Value: $125/person

Your Price: $65/person

Half Day Recharge Retreat

Discover. Collaborate. Lead.

Build confidence and self-awareness to communicate and negotiate through challenges. Gain a new perspective on building relationships and stepping up into personal leadership.

  • Partner together with a horse in workshop activities.

  • Learn to "speak horse" through body language.

  • Challenge your self-perspective and awareness.

  • Improve communication to navigate challenges.

  • Build confidence in leadership.


Recharge Retreat Includes:

  • 3.5 Hour Session with an Equine Life Coach

  • Two Curriculum Programs ($228 Value)

  • Personalized Memento ($25 Value)


Total Value: $253/person

Your Price: $210/person


6 Week Renewal Series

Reclaim. Re-center. Refocus.

This 6-Week Series will give you the tools to step back and re-evaluate what’s working and what’s not in your life. This 90 minute class meets once a week for 6 weeks for intentional self-reflection and investigation. Discover what’s in your power to change and what you can control. Create a clear, re-focused vision for a successful path forward in your personal life.

  • Connect and work in close partnership with horses.

  • Gain self-knowledge and better awareness of your own needs and boundaries.

  • Articulate and piece together what you experience in the arena and bring it back into your reality. ​

  • Feel centered & grounded with a clear mind and vision, so that you can go back into your life with clarity about who you are and where you want to be.

  • Bring awareness to what is going on in your life. Investigate what isn’t working and re-focus on the next to move forward towards a healthier you.

  • Feel refreshed, recharged, and full of hope, knowing that you have life skills to create change.

Renewal Series Includes:

  • 6 once-a-week 90 Minute Sessions with Horses ($585 Value)

  • Journal and Pen Set ($23 Value)

  • Guided Introspective Journaling ($27 Value)

  • Personalized Graduation Gift ($25 Value)​

Total Value: $660/person

Your Price: $497/person

Collaborating with


Organizations like yours work hard to help their clients, students or patients to work towards reintegrating back into their lives outside the organizations. What does this take? Life skills! We work with you and your organizations to hit objectives that are parallel to yours.

Our horses are the MASTER teachers of life skills. They demand personal leadership and can teach your clients how to apply these skills to their lives. How does this work? Here is the formula:


The learned skills don’t just stay in the arena. All objectives are paralleled back to everyday life and help clients to gain the skills and the self-esteem necessary to reintegrate back into the lives they were truly meant for.

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