Team Building for Non-Profits

Are you looking for a team building event for your staff and volunteers? We would love to invite you out to the barn to meet our horses! Strengthen team communication, personal leadership and problem solving skills while enjoying a connection with your coaches, the horses.


A Unique Experience

Our certified curriculum program can help take your team to the next level. We can even tailor the experience to focus on skills your team wants to work on.

Team members don't need any horse experience, just a pair of boots. All classes are non-riding and limited to 6 adult students per session. If you have a larger group, we can rotate between two time slots per day. Come join us and see what a horse can teach your crew about the power of teamwork!

Mini Workshop

Choose one skill for your team during this 90 minute workshop. Students will work together as a herd and partner with horses.

Team Retreat

This 3 hour retreat partners students with teaching horses in guided activities. Choose two skills you want your team to improve and we'll tailor the event for you.