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Open Doors

I stood with my mouth open in amazement looking at the completed fence around me. The sun was out and my heart was full of excitement. This was going to be the new space for my work with people and horses!

Last week, I got to see the finished product of donated materials, time and money. The space overlooks pastures full of grazing horses, hills and the blue waters of the sound in the distance. Never in my wildest dreams had I pictured something like this. The barn staff around me were just as excited. They believe in this program and have created a place for Take the Lead to call home. As we chatted about details and our vision, I felt so blessed to have finally found my tribe of people. People who get it and are just as passionate as I am.

Horses do so much more than carry riders from point A to point B. They have wisdom to share, if we humans will slow down enough to hear it. Horses can help kids build confidence or challenge adults about their own self-perceptions. The intuitive and astute nature of a horse helps humans heal, re-align themselves internally and move forward. The staff at Warm Beach Stables understand this very well and have embraced me and this program.

The thing is, I didn't make any of this happen. These doors that have been opening, I could have never opened for myself. Everything I had tried up to this point had been like pulling teeth. I had to stop the car, get out of the driver seat and claim the passenger side. It was a "Jesus take the wheel" moment. I was done trying to do things my way. I knew what I was doing wasn't working and that the only way to get anywhere was to listen to the Lord's plan and follow His vision.

Things began to happen quickly after that. People became interested in finding out about what this horse program has to offer. Connections started being made, and like minded people have come along beside me.

I'm excited for what the future holds, even if I'm not sure what that will exactly look like. What I do know, is that this program and these horses are going to make a positive impact in the lives of the people they touch. This is so much more that another horse activity. This is about life and living, messy parts included.

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