January Journey Thoughts

They say the New Year is a time for a fresh start. More so this year since, not only are we celebrating a New Year, but a New Decade. Wow. If you would have told me a few years ago that I’d be here today, starting my own (and first!) business, doing something amazing with horses, I would have asked what you were drinking.

I’d have to say I’ve always been a rather cautious person. I don’t dive into things headfirst (well, most things). This girl likes to research and discuss ideas before making a choice. I’ll admit to having analysis paralysis and there have been times when that has held me back from pursuing things I love or really want to try. It’s easy to come up with a list of excuses of why something won’t work or turn out.

But then I had a scary thought. What if I didn’t try? What if I looked back on my life from the rocking chair of the retirement home wondering about the opportunities I let slip by me? Was I going to be so afraid of failing that I would give up even trying? The thought honestly turned my stomach and made my heart sink. That’s not me, is it? I was created to do more than just play my whole life safe and avoiding risk, wasn’t I? Somewhere along the way, I picked up this thought that if I cared about something, I would have to care about everything. How impossible is that? Have you seen everything on the news and social media? It’s overwhelming! And I know that the answer here is pretty obvious, but just knowing something in your head doesn’t make it true in your heart or in your life.

See, I’ve been so focused on what I’m not and what I don’t want to be, I forgot to be who I am and what I want to be. Sound silly? Trust me, it’s not hard to do. There is a long list of things I will never be. Perfect being at the top of that list. Then, I found my answer in the form of a very small creature.

I’ve always loved hummingbirds. These amazing creatures zig and zag in a flutter of small wings which capture my attention each time I see them. They are small, colorful and beautiful. They are not majestic like eagles, talkative like parrots, or regal like blue herons. None of this, however, makes them any less valuable. It would be ridiculous if they tried.

I find it is the same with me. Just because I’m not a long list of a lot of things I can’t be, does not make me any less valuable. I’ve finally reached a place where I want to see what my own wings can do. If I’ve been created with a certain set of hopes, dreams and talents, what can I do with what I’ve been given? I sure bet it looks a lot better than sitting around wishing to be something I’m not. This year, this decade, that is what I plan to find out.

As I travel on my own journey, I’d like to invite you to reflect on your own as well. Let’s look at making progress in our own lives without the goal of perfection. Progress, for me, looks like many baby steps. I can do baby steps. What I can’t do is clear a mountain in one leap. So baby step by baby step here I go!

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