Session Themes


Communication can be easier said than done.  In this session, we will use problem solving activities and two ropes to navigate the horses through each station as a "herd". 

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Speaking & Listening

What we say and what someone hears can be two different things. Groups will work as right hand, brain, and left hand to interact with their horse. The "brain" will be in charge of giving clear instructions to the "hands" to complete each task. Minimum of three people required for this course.

Building a Relationship

Relationships are one of the most important pieces of our lives, but what does it take to build a relationship? We explore this question while developing connection with our mentoring horses.

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Trust & Respect

Strengthen some relationship basics. Navigate each obstacle to help your "blind" team mate through each obstacle. Your group will use mutual trust and respect with each other and with the horse to complete this course.