About Us

Sarah Rivera

Sarah is a Certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator and Mom. She  traded in her desk job for a pair of boots and never looked back! Sarah is passionate about helping people through meaningful encounters with horses. She adopted her first horse in 2017 who taught her just how amazing an authentic friendship and connection with a horse can be.


Warm Beach Stables


Warm Beach is committed to providing a safe, caring, hands-on learning experience with horses. Whether it’s riding lessons, horsemanship camps, equestrian vaulting lessons, or therapeutic horsemanship classes, participants find support, friendship, and healing in a healthy environment as they grow in horsemanship abilities.


Community Organizations

Our community is blessed to have so many wonderful organizations who support children with special needs. The resources and services they offer help improve the lives of not only these children, but their families as well. We are here to collaborate with your organization and provide a unique and meaningful experience to the wonderful moms you are already working alongside with.

Art Class

A horse cannot lie. A horse cannot judge you for your past or speculate on your future. They only live in this moment and we invite you to join them in it.