Start your journey towards harmony and wholeness.


Horses reveal our true selves by asking us to step into personal alignment and harmony within ourselves and with each other. 

Their natural instincts and intuition help humans heal, find internal balance and move forwards towards wholeness.

Sometimes, you just need a break.

Take a breath.

Life is constantly changing and it's a lot to juggle especially if your head, heart and body are out of alignment.

How long have you been holding it all together?

Experience a powerful connection.

Gain insight into yourself.

Join a small group of women and learn how to create harmony through a guided partnership with an Equine Life Coach.

Let a horse whisper in your ear.

It's time to move forward.

Find your harmony.

Let a horse help you find the next step forward in your life.

Be empowered to create harmony in your life!

Image by Bernard Hermant

Harmony Workshops


Hosted in Arlington, WA at Alpine Ridge Equestrian.


Small Group Workshops limited to 6 ladies each.

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Mini Session

90 Minute Mini Session gives you a sample of an Equine Assisted Learning Program.

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Recharge Retreat

Enjoy a Half-Day Recharge Retreat and get back to being you.

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Renewal Series

6 Week Renewal Series meets once a week for a 90 minute session.

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Participants do not need any horse experience and activities do not require any riding.

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Our horses provide a unique opportunity for personal breakthroughs and insight. We invite you to experience a special bond with these intuitive creatures.

"By the end of my session, so much about my life had come up and so many areas where I know I need work were brought to light. I was even able to verbalize why I feel certain things, for the first time ever."

Theresa Pacheco

A connection with horses is powerful and empowering!

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