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Connecting Mothers


Hosted at Warm Beach Camp & Conference Center

An Intuitive Guide

Mothers Need Support 

Horses have very acute senses and are keen observers. Although they do not speak any human language, they are experts at reading body language, including ours. Horses give instant and honest feedback to each interaction they encounter.

Motherhood is demanding. It's even more so when your child has special needs or struggles with their mental health. The devotion and care you give to your child requires emotional, physical and mental dedication. Your well-being is crucial to the success of supporting your child.


Authentic Connection

The biggest need a horse has is to feel safe. In order to do that, we must earn his trust and respect, and we can only do that by being honest with ourselves.

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Personal Growth

and Insight

Horses know our intentions and emotions, sometimes before we do. They give us insight into our strengths, weaknesses and personal beliefs.


Immersive Experience

Moms and horses will interact side by side and face to face in each session. There is no riding, just an honest conversation between Mentor and Mom.

Our Method

Our program is a non-riding session that partners humans and horses together in a unique, interactive experience. Each workshop guides the Mom and horse "herds" through activity stations and conversations about life issues. The horse's natural instincts and intuition help foster self-awareness, connection, and personal insight and growth.  Participants do not need any horse experience, just a pair of boots.

Supporting Our 

Our community has many organizations that support families with special needs members. Among these families are the moms who work every day to give their children extra support to meet their unique needs. At Take the Lead, we partner with these organizations to bring this authentic experience to their amazing mothers.

Mini Session

  • 90 Minutes

  • 1 Topic

  • 2 Horses

  • 6 Moms (max)


per person

Recharge Session

  • 3 Hours

  • 2 Topics

  • 2 Horses

  • 6 Moms (max)

  • Gift Bag


per person

Our Services

Choose Your Group Session 

Participants must be 18 or older.

Choose Your Theme

"By the end of my session, so much about my life had come up and so many areas where I know I need work were brought to light. I was even able to verbalize why I feel certain things, for the first time ever."

Theresa Pacheco